Hot summer and looking for cool places? Then, why not visit Manali .

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Here’s why Manali, although cliched, is still one of India’s best summer holiday destinations.
Manali is one in all India’s hottest destinations. For years, large numbers of tourists have visited Manali for a respite from the hot summer heat. Several currently take into account Manali to be a clichéd, done-to-dust destination and so hunt for different summer vacation spots. But, there are a unit a number of reasons why Manali continues to be one in all the best summer vacation choices. Here area unit five of them.

The snow:

Who doesn’t prefer to visit cold places that offer views of snow-covered peaks throughout summer? Manali is enclosed by snow – be it the near Rohtang pass or the sumptuous views of snow-kissed peaks.

The weather:

Manali’s is still one of the best places to go to throughout summer. No matter how many times you visited there, you can’t ignore the actual fact that it provides relief from the brutal strength of summer in India’s plains.

Cable car ride and views

Solang vale is also where you can take the car cable ride to the highest and luxuriate in beautiful views of breathless cliffs. It’s an excellent place to witness everything that’s tempting concerning Himachal Pradesh. The clear skies and the attractive vale views in Manali throughout summer square measure quite unequaled.

Paragliding at Solang Valley

Solang natural depression in Manali is one among the simplest places in Asian nation for paragliding, particularly for beginners. It is an experience of a lifespan and is sort of reasonable.

The pocket friendly rates

Manali is well-liked not simply because of its weather and views however additionally owing to its affordability. Over the years, it’s emerged as a packing destination with a variety of traveler’s type all across the world defrayal months here. If you’re trying to find a budget summer trip, Manali remains one among your best bets.
So, keep in mind that clichés become clichés for a reason. Visit Manali this summer for a cool vacation.

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